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Aug. 21st - Sep. 21st
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Pattern Recognition for Neuroimaging Toolbox (PRoNTo)

PRoNTo (Pattern Recognition for Neuroimaging Toolbox) is a software toolbox based on pattern recognition techniques for the analysis of neuroimaging data. Statistical pattern recognition is a field within the area of machine learning which is concerned with automatic discovery of regularities in data through the use of computer algorithms, and with the use of these regularities to take actions such as classifying the data into different categories. In PRoNTo, brain scans are treated as spatial patterns and statistical learning models are used to identify statistical properties of the data that can be used to discriminate between experimental conditions or groups of subjects (classification models) or to predict a continuous measure (regression models).

PRoNTo aims to facilitate the interaction between machine learning and neuroimaging communities. On one hand, the machine learning community can contribute to the toolbox with novel machine learning models. On the other hand, the toolbox provides a variety of tools for the neuroscience and clinical neuroscience communities, enabling them to ask new questions that cannot be easily investigated using existing software and analysis tools.

PRoNTo is distributed for free as copyright software under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation. The development of the toolbox has been supported by the PASCAL Harvest framework and Knee Winter Casual Mid Sexy Over Lace Black up Block Suede Autumn Boots Shoes Tomwell High Heel Womens B n7xISS.

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Getting started

The latest version of the software can be downloaded Wine Pockets Jacket Up Down d'amour Longline Lettre Zip Hoodie Coat Outerwear Women ZqXwnpP. For a description of all of PRoNTo's functionalities, please consult the manual, here. Several PRoNTo courses will take place throughout the year. These courses provide an introduction to pattern recognition methods in the context of neuroimaging and an introduction to the toolbox. For more information on the next courses and to download the slides from previous ones, see here.

PRoNTo team

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