We do Paint
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We make over 300 products, serving a wide variety of industries

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We do Service

We can work through the night to get the job done pronto.

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10 Size Stretch Jeans 6 Slim 12 Black Ripped Black New Knee Cut Trousers Womens Blue Sexy Denim Fit Skinny LustyChic Faded Ripped 8 Jeans 14 Frayed Who we are

Introducing Pronto Industrial Paints Limited, a fast, friendly, family run manufacturer of high technology surface coatings. Formed in 1989, we have many years experience in the coating industry, and a track record of customer care second to none. We were the first company to successfully manufacture and market ‘one coat’ systems and ‘Compliant Coatings’ for industry at below 420 grams per litre VOC.

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