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What is PRONTO?

Cannon Fire - Screeching Tires - Rocket Blasts

Get ready for a jolt of electricity to your training with PRONTO! This exciting, four-game software suite will energize any training environment with question-based adventures that involve pirate battles, castle sieges, grand prix-style car races, and rockets to the moon. Designed to quickly engage any audience, PRONTO! offers a powerful and easy-to-create platform to present your content. Whether you're training in the classroom or over the web, PRONTO! will add sizzle to your content. Try it today, and set sail for a training adventure - PRONTO!

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Begin an exciting adventure with Volley and watch as players battle it out to see who can seize their rightful place as one of the most revered and knowledgable pirates in the classroom. If they succeed, a hail of deadly cannon fire sends the opposing swashbucklers to shark infested waters. Your pirate's individual results are captured and sent back automatically, so you know what they know instantly. It's a perfect combination of active learning and exciting action - Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a pirates life for me!

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Experience a medieval battle of wit, as players attempt to protect their castle empires in Catapult. Their ability to correctly answer your questions is the only way they can protect their castles from a catapult cannonade. Once the battle's over and the castle has fallen, your hero's results are sent to you immeditately. They will strive, with not a frown, to knock their rivals castles down.

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Launch your training beyond the classroom and boldy go where no trainer has gone before. Your students' mission, if they choose to accept it, is to answer questions that propel them to the moon! Players "test" their flight abilities in their very own spacecraft, all while answering challenging questions from mission control. The goal of the game is simple: The first team to reach the surface of the moon will successfully complete their mission. Each astronaut's results are sent back immediately so you'll know what they know in real-time. Roger that, Houston...PRONTO! has arrived...One Giant Leap for Training!

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Get ready to burn up the track with Rally. Players aren't required to complete a driver's test, but they do go head-to-head in a challenging competition of intellect and speed. Watch as players progress around the track in their very own Formula One race car. There's no resting on the wheel with this game, as driving enthusiasts advance with each correct answer. Driver's test results are sent to you automatically, so there's no question who knows their stuff. Put the pedal to the metal in your classroom and win the Grandprix Cup of training games!

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Try PRONTO! FREE for 30 Days!

Get started in seconds. No credit card, no commitment.

Put Everyone in the Game!

Works with BRAVO!, PRONTO! and Q&A PRO

Get your entire group engaged with our popular games and quizzes through the use of your personal mobile device. It's easy - simply log on and play - no download needed. Our mobile option ensures all attendees are involved and learning the entire time. Learn More >

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Women's LWS00470 Messenger Lws00470 Handbag purple 24 Bags Body Cross Style Shoulder Bag Celeb 5x4x27cm Ladies LeahWard Simple & Intuitive for any Trainer

If you know how to use BRAVO!, then it's smooth sailing for your training adventures. But, don't worry, if this is your maiden voyage, you'll earn your sea legs soon enough! PRONTO! was designed to be simple and easy. So much so, that you'll actually enjoying creating these training games. Just add your own content; the swashbucklers and speed demons will do the rest. Engaging, intuitive and fun!

Bring In the Reinforcements

Create additional intro and summary screens during your game and make sure they get it! Set-up a question with the intro screen with additional information, photos, movies and audio BEFORE you even start your question. Then, follow-up with the summary screen AFTER the question, just to make sure they "GOT IT!

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Man the Riggings!

Hoist the sails and fly your Jolly Roger (your pirates' flag). With the new, quick customizing feature, there's no need to dive deep into the editing buttons; PRONTO! gives you the ability to edit a number of options right on the opening screen, so a simple click is all you need to set up your game.

More Personality Please!

Now, you can import your own graphics, logos and even your own personal photo in place of an avatar. PRONTO!

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Easy Access Buttons

Everything you need to play, edit, view results and delete games is now easier with easy access buttons. Click to highlight your game, listed in the overview window and then click the easy access buttons. It's that simple!

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Preview Button

Now, you can see your questions before you play the game. With the Preview Button, (in the Question Builder) you can click and see exactly what your question and answers will look like without having to go through the entire game. What you see is what you get!

Quick...Poll your Audience!

Find out what they think instantly -- right in the middle of your game. Click the thumbs-up/thumbs-down button to activate the Quick Poll feature and simply ask them a question. Their results will be captured immediately and shown, so everyone can see.

But wait...there's more! Watch as the results come in, the thumbs-up or thumbs-down icon increases or decreases in size! Now...who said data collection wasn't exciting?

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Let them use Keypads!

Add a hands-on, interactive experience with keypads. PRONTO! works with wireless keypads, smartphones and laptops and tablets so it's fun and easy to get everyone into the game. Each keypad sends important data back to you, so you know what they know instantly!

And that's not all! Not only can you interact with keypads in the classroom, but you can also use keypads LIVE during a webinar - keeping your audience on the edge of their seats, while capturing the results you demand.

Ladies Women's Bags purple Body LWS00470 24 5x4x27cm Shoulder Style Celeb LeahWard Messenger Handbag Cross Bag Lws00470 Results for Everyone

PRONTO! gives you instant feedback letting you know what each individual user knows in real time. Each game captures detailed results for each team and individual. Know when, where and how each player responded to each question. Need to manipulate the data? Click on the Body Bag LeahWard Style Lws00470 Shoulder Ladies 24 Messenger Celeb Bags 5x4x27cm purple Handbag Women's Cross LWS00470 "Export Spreadsheet" button to create a tab-delimited spreadsheet and edit to your hearts content!
Bag Shoulder 5x4x27cm Body purple Cross Celeb 24 Lws00470 LWS00470 Bags LeahWard Messenger Women's Handbag Ladies Style

And that's not all! Not only can you interact with keypads in the classroom, but you can also use keypads LIVE during a webinar - keeping your audience on the edge of their seats, while capturing the results you demand.

Publish your Games

Now you can create a folder with all the files you need to play a game on your website or for a play-only game. Create an executable for a play-only game with one easy click!

SCORM 1.2 Compatible

PRONTO! allows you to compile your games into a SCORM 1.2 compatible package for your Learning Management Systems. This means that PRONTO! will seamlessly report results to any LMS (Learning Management System), allowing you to quickly create e-learning training games, interactive content, quizzes, and assessments.

See PRONTO! in Action

Explore these PRONTO! training games created by C3 SoftWorks. See how each training game is uniquely created, from the Intro logos, background effects, custom avatars, colors and content.

Go Green Pirates!

Take the Environmental Challenge and learn about energy, recycling & keeping it green!

Halloween Trivia

Play the Halloween Trivia Contest if you dare!
  • Win98, Win2000, WinXP OS, Vista, Win7
  • Pentium III 600Mhz or higher
  • 128MB of RAM
  • Messenger Bags 5x4x27cm LeahWard LWS00470 Cross 24 Women's Bag Handbag Celeb Body Lws00470 purple Ladies Style Shoulder 40MB of hard drive space
  • Speakers Recommended
  • Suggested Resolution: 1024 x 768

* PRONTO! games are HTML5 compatible.

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Tote Bag HippoWarehouse 10 in Beach x38cm Burgundy Gym Shopping England litres Made 42cm 0qgRwxgUrt
  • MacOS v10.1.5 - v9.2.2
  • (Not compatible with Mountain Lion* or higher)

  • 128MB RAM
  • 40MB of hard drive space
  • Messenger Cross Women's purple Shoulder Lws00470 Bags Bag Body Style LeahWard Celeb LWS00470 5x4x27cm Handbag Ladies 24 Speakers Recommended
  • Suggested Resolution: 1024 x 768
  • 40MB of hard drive space
  • Speakers Recommended
  • Suggested Resolution: 1024 x 768

* OS X Mountain Lion or higher will work on the C3 Cloud.

purple Bags Lws00470 Women's Shoulder LWS00470 Handbag Bag Style 5x4x27cm Ladies Messenger Body Celeb LeahWard 24 Cross

Messenger Ladies Women's Bags purple Style Bag Shoulder LWS00470 LeahWard 5x4x27cm Cross Body 24 Handbag Celeb Lws00470 SCORM 1.0

Create, manage and track test results online

  • Create SCORM 1.2 compliant games that will report back to any LMS
  • Track Results on your website
  • Ladies LWS00470 Shoulder Lws00470 LeahWard Body Bags Women's 5x4x27cm purple Cross 24 Celeb Messenger Handbag Style Bag E-mail students their progress
  • Print Certificates of completion

SMARTBoard Ready

SMART Board Technologies™ has accredited BRAVO! as SMARTBoard Ready

  • Works with your existing SmartBoard
  • No additional software needed
  • Easy setup
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